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1530 WCKG Elmhurst is a 760 watt blowtorch!  Blowtorch?  WCKG Chicago Radio BunkerWell, not in the 50,000 watt sense of the term.  But you know what they say:  “It’s not the size of your broadcast tower.  It’s how you use it.”  We’re using every last drop.

1530 WCKG broadcasts Glenn Beck Weekdays from 8am-11am.  Sometimes controversial, always entertaining, Glenn Beck is a national radio star.

1530 WCKG emanates from a secret broadcast bunker impervious to outside influences and hidden from plain site.  It is strictly in this unique environment that the “talent” behind the presentation of 1530 WCKG can be properly inspired and motivated to create the wall of sound broadcast daily on 1530am.


One Response to About WCKG

  1. Paul Cavallaro says:

    Thanks for carrying Beck.
    Your signal is good here in Itasca. I can listen on I290 east to about Western Ave.
    Amazingly I can listen on I294 to the Wisconsin border.(750W Blowtorch)
    I noticed the old towers (WKDC) were replaced with a different antenna. Directional to the north?
    Keep up the independent broadcasting.

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